From July 25th to July 28th, 2019, you will have the opportunity to ride your bike alongside dozens of passionate cyclists, who, just like you, strongly believe in the cause and want to do their part to improve the quality of care offered to cancer patients in New Brunswick. You will have the privilege to ride with cyclists who are inspiring, generous and passionate!

The Tour of Hope is much more than a simple bike tour. It’s a life-changing experience that will inspire you, while giving you the opportunity to contribute to a great cause.

I’ve been a participant in the Tour of Hope for the past four years, and I have to say that I feel very fortunate to have had the chance to meet incredible people. All of those who take part in the event have stories to share. Some are cancer survivors; others have seen family members courageously fight cancer; unfortunately, some have lost friends and family members to the disease; and many haven’t been affected directly by cancer, but want to actively contribute to the cause.

In my work as a gynecologic oncologist and in my personal life, I have seen many people fight so courageously against cancer. And I can assure you that the message of hope that you are helping to spread and the funds that you are raising make a tremendous difference in their fight against the disease.

As Co-Chair of the 2019 Tour of Hope, as a participant, and as a physician, I want to sincerely thank you for taking part in this event. It will be a privilege to ride alongside all of you and get a chance to know you.

Dr. Carole Williams
Co-Chair, 2019 Tour of Hope


What a privilege we have to be able to take part in such an amazing event! When we stop to think about it, many people would love to have the ability and strength to ride a bike across the province, alongside dozens of other passionate cyclists, to raise funds for a great cause: the Tree of Hope Campaign.

Next July, you will have that privilege! But in all honestly, you will have to work hard to be physically and mentally ready to take part in the 2019 Tour of Hope. I can assure you, however, that if you put in the time and effort, you will be blown away by this incredible life experience, an adventure that will make you push your limits. Along the way, you will meet new friends, all while helping improve the comfort and quality of care offered to cancer patients, right here in New Brunswick.

As a past participant, I can tell you that the Tour of Hope is a great opportunity to meet amazing and inspiring people. Many cyclists have stories to share. Some are taking part in the event to honour the memory of a lost loved one, or to support family members or friends who have fought the disease. You will be enriched by your participation in this event, by knowing that you have actively contributed to the fight against cancer and to improve the quality of care for cancer patients.

With your participation, you are also sending a clear message to the community regarding the importance of being active and committed to improving your health. I will be extremely happy to join you, next July, as we share this message across the province! Until then, I wish you a great training period! Keep smiling. I’ll see you at the starting line in Edmundston.

Denise Landry Nadeau
Co-Chair, 2019 Tour of Hope